If you can't attend Sunday Service tune in  to watch Pastor Kearney deliver a message worldwide:

"God Did It" Broadcast on The Impact Network

Thursdays at 4 PM                Fridays at 6:30 PM              Saturday at 10 PM

Tune in via Dish Network Channel 268, DirectTv Channel 380, Comcast Channel 240 and via Live Streaming at http://watchimpact.com/national-streaming/ 

The Now Network

Saturday at 11 PM

Tune in via Litestream Ch. 80, NTS Ch 249, TikiLive Cable, Roku and via Live Streaming at http://www.thenownetwork.org

 Radio Broadcasting

Station 1490 AM -  WMBM Sundays at 8 AM

Wpepradio.com - Monday - Friday at 11 AM

Sundays at

10:00 AM

Worship Service 

Children's Church in overflow room

Tuesdays at 7:00 PM

School of Ministry

There are various ways to worship with Abyssinian Baptist Church:

Please check our event's page to find more about special events and services.