The ministry of Abyssinian Baptist Church of Christ has been given a vision, through its Shepherd, Pastor Terrance A. Kearney, to build and maintain the “Life Abundance World Center.” The Life Abundance World Center will be a place where persons of all walks of life, origin, nationality and color can find Hope, Help and Healing.

The Center will offer individuals an opportunity to improve and enrich their lives. The Center will promote the exercise of inner faith through a personal relationship and covenant with God; build self-esteem, encourage morality and help motivate individuals to reach towards achieving their goals. The Center is the place where people can come to find hope, help and healing, while discovering their destiny.

We, by faith, will erect a Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary will be a place to worship and share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and will accommodate 5000+ persons. It will be a place of teaching the Word of God and nurturing each individual training in discipleship. People will receive the shepherding and support needed to grow, glow and go share the good news with others (Taking the Word to the World). It will be a place of covenant and commitment as well as friendship and fellowship with God and others.

We, by faith, will erect an Education Building.

The Education Building will facilitate grades pre-K through 6. Dedicated and certified educators will teach an academic curriculum as well as Christian based principles. Our teachers will instruct using modern technology to assist in preparing children for the future. We believe it is important to instill in our children the belief that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.

The Education Building will house an alternative school for students who are suspended or expelled from the public school system. This will give students an opportunity to continue with their education while learning interpersonal skills and dealing with disciplinary issues.

The Education Building will implement a Cultural and Fine Arts Program, which will enable youth ages 8 to 18 an opportunity to read music, play musical instruments and participate in dance and drama.

We will offer an After School Program with a strong emphasis on character development and academic excellence. Youth who need or desire additional assistance with reading, writing and arithmetic will be provided tutorial assistance.

In addition, we will offer GED classes for individuals seeking to obtain a high school diploma.

This facility and its dedicated staff and qualified volunteers will give careful and full attention to each person’s need.

We offer Family Entertainment and Recreational Activities.

This will be a place where families can enjoy plays, poetry readings, live music and clean comedy. There will be indoor/outdoor basketball and racquetball courts, volleyball and baseball fields. We will have a swimming pool, billiard tables, table tennis, chess and checker games.

There will be family outings to the movie theater, bowling alley and miniature golf course. There will be playground and picnic areas with walking and bicycle trails.

We intend to create an environment where people can come and enjoy themselves without violence, abusive language and obtrusive behavior.

We will erect a Family Development Center.

This Center will facilitate families with various needs. The Center will offer workshops, conferences and counseling sessions teaching families how to communicate with one another; time management; how to handle a crisis; how to enhance self-esteem and self-respect; strategies for managing finances (including budgeting, debt resolution, credit counseling, purchasing a new home); how to strengthen and build a better marital relationship between husband and wife as well as the familial relationship between parent and child; how to encourage one another, etc. We will offer extended childcare for working parents by qualified and licensed caregivers. We will also offer spirit-filled classes and workshops for the elderly.

We will erect the “A.C.A.L.” Crisis Center.

The A.C.A.L. (Another Chance At Life) Center will offer intervention program services to individuals who need immediate assistance with issues such as alcohol and/or substance abuse, physical and/or mental abuse, homelessness, unemployment, unplanned/teen pregnancy and runaway teens.

The Center will offer classes and counseling sessions focusing on coping and conquering their struggles one step at a time, building self-esteem and walking with pride and determination.

The Center will provide hot meals, clean clothing and efficiency rooms for the homeless. It will be a safe haven for runaway teens, including maintaining a 24-hour teen hotline.

The Center will work in collaboration and conjunction with various agencies, other faith based communities and community based organizations to provide optimal assistance and services that will aid in finding solutions to these specific issues.

ncile people to God so that He will be glorified and His power manifested in the lives of every believer.