The mission of Abyssinian Baptist Church of Christ is to proclaim the knowledge, love, power and glory of God throughout the world by Taking the Word to the World.

We aspire to establish the will of God by maximizing every means available to us in order to spread the gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Broward County, the State of Florida, the United States and the nations.

We have been commissioned by God to preach, teach and train men, women and children of all nationalities to become disciples of God.

We have been commissioned by God to minister to the needs of each person to bring a word of hope, help and healing to their financial prosperity and solidarity to individuals on every level.

It is our mandate to establish Apostolic order to the church.

The vision of Abyssinian Baptist Church of Christ is to build and maintain The Life Abundance World Center where persons of all walks of life, origin, nationality and color can come and find hope, help and healing.

Through the erection of a sanctuary, and education building, family entertainment, family development and A.C.A.L. (Another Chance at Life) center, we will promote the exercise of inner faith through a personal relationship and covenant with God; offer tutelage, build self-esteem, encourage morality and help motivate individuals to reach towards achieving their goals while improving and enriching the very fabric of their lives.

It is our sincere desire to bring and reconcile people to God so that He will be glorified and His power manifested in the lives of every believer.

Mission Statement