August 22nd, 1993, the Lord called a group of his people to meet in at Weaver’s Play-Town Day Care Center, in Pompano Beach, FL to study the Holy word.

This gave birth to The Abyssinian Baptist Church of Christ.

The articulate and eloquent Reverend Dr. Winston W. Rudolph had been unanimously chosen as the leader of the group. Winston Wilkie Rudolph is a native of Pensacola, Florida and was born on October 23, 1949. A bond between two loving and responsible parents produced three wonderful children: Jolanda (1970) Winston Jr. (1973) and Erica (1977). Dr. Rudolph is also the proud grandfather of three boys: Eric, Avi and Joshua.

His leadership as pastor includes Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Miami, Florida where he served for eleven years, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Pompano Beach where he served for three years and Abyssinian Baptist Church, which was planted by him on August 22, 1993. Bishop Rudolph also served as Prelate of BBEIM.

Bishop Rudolph received his Masters of Divinity and the Doctor of Theology from Saint Stephen’s Theological Seminary in Los Angeles, California. He later received his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Thomas University.

Over his tenure as Pastor, Reverend Rudolph has acquired properties and land for the development of God’s kingdom. One particular communal location for fellowship gatherings is “The Parrish House”. The Parrish House is Abyssinian’s community center that enhances the citizens of Pompano Beach with food, educational resources and a plethora of other enrichment programs and activities. Over the past few years, Dr. Rudolph has ventured into retirement, and the church has been fortunate to have a wonderful leader fill in his shoes.

Today, with our newly appointed pastor, Pastor Terrance A. Kearney, Abyssinian is currently on a debt-free reconstruction mission for the church and the community. God has blessed us with a newly remodeled sanctuary and new programs to spread the wonderful works of Jesus Christ.

We welcome you to join in as we voyage into the future uplifting souls and communities, through the marvelous works of Christ.

Church History